Following her acclaimed sold-out season in London’s West End, Bernadette Robinson returns in the hit play Songs For Nobodies.

First performed 10 years ago, Songs For Nobodies is a spellbinding one woman play, a tour de force of imagined encounters between five mid 20th-century divas, Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf and Maria Callas, and five ordinary women.

Renowned Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith has mined a rich seam of longing, humour and quiet frustration to conjure the alchemic effect these women’s encounters with their musical idols have on their lives - from right there in the moment to their future choices.

Under the direction of Simon Phillips, Robinson switches characters and vocals without a breath, each song choice a glorious homage and celebration, delivered with passion and emotion that few ever come close to. Every audience member intimately feels that her performance is just for them.

Songs For Nobodies proves Robinson to be a virtuoso singer, a virtuoso impressionist and a virtuoso actor. Enjoy the heartbreak and hope of Songs For Nobodies in this special limited Encore season

“A tour-de-force...a spellbinding evening”

“A jaw-dropping talent...simply staggering”


Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Drama Theatre

Friday 13 December, 7.30pm
Saturday 14 December, 2.00pm
Saturday 14 December, 7.30pm
Sunday 15 December, 2.00pm
Sunday 15 December, 5.00pm

Arts Centre Melbourne, Fairfax Studio

Wednesday 18 December, 7.30pm
Thursday 19 December, 7.30pm
Friday 20 December, 7.30pm
Saturday 21 December, 2.00pm
Saturday 21 December, 7.30pm
Sunday 22 December, 5.00pm
Monday 23 December, 6.00pm
Thursday 26 December, 7.30pm
Friday 27 December, 7.30pm
Saturday 28 December, 2.00pm
Saturday 28 December, 7.30pm
Sunday 29 December, 2.00pm
Sunday 29 December, 6.00pm

Sydney Opera House, Playhouse

Thursday 23 January, 7.30pm
Friday 24 January, 7.30pm
Saturday 25 January, 2.00pm
Saturday 25 January, 7.30pm
Sunday 26 January, 5.00pm
Tuesday 28 January, 7.30pm
Wednesday 29 January, 2.00pm
Wednesday 29 January, 7.30pm
Thursday 30 January, 7.30pm
Friday 31 January, 7.30pm
Saturday 1 February, 2.00pm
Saturday 1 February, 7.30pm
Sunday 2 February, 5.00pm